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Sunday, May 24, 2009


Well... I finally did it!! I've been considering creating a blog for about a year now, but hav'nt because I always said, "Oh, I'll never keep one up" BUT I decided to face my fears!! Arn't you glad!
Im pretty much talking to no one right now, because I probably won't tell anyone about this until its really up and running.

So, as I sit here watching "The Fifth Element" for the second time this week..Im just contemplating how NICE some of these costumes are, by Jean-Paul Gaultier I might add!! Im just thinking of all the fashionable and not so fashionable things I could write about.. OH I cant wait :) You're gonna love it, I promise.

Weelll, (I think I say that alot) I guess I'll call it quits for tonight, so stay tuned all my fashion lovers!!

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