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Friday, August 14, 2009

Styling the Stars

Here are some looks I put together for some celebrities, ENJYOY!! Tell me what you think...

Oh and if you wanted to know what brand anything is or where to find it, just ask..

This look was obviously created for Rihanna... The "hard and soft" look is something that I feel always works for her. I also decided to give her a few options of accessories :) Even two different pairs of shoes to choose from. This outfit can go from the street to the catwalk!!

My interpretation of the best outfit for Taylor Swift. She gives off such a sweet and innocent vibe and the soft colors and fabrics work best for her and her blonde hair and beautiful eyes. This look would be best for an awards show or any special event.

This is a perfect outfit for Teyana Taylor, she like Rihanna looks great in the "hard and soft" look. This outfit would be best for the streets of New York or a new video or photoshoot of hers, but seeing that she doesn't seem care what people think, she would quite possibly wear it anywhere she wants!!

Styled: A Fine Frenzy

This one would be for Alison Sudol of A Fine Frenzy. Something she could wear to an awards show or any sort of upscale event. I feel the jewel tones beautifully compliment her red hair and piercing eyes...

Now, Miley Cirus is someone I would luurrvve to dress, only because I feel I could turn her into a real icon. She NEEDS me lol. I feel this would be a perfect outfit for her to wear on the streets and be photographed by the poparazzi!! At her age and status, she needs the sophisticated, yet still young and cute appeal, which is achieved by the big red heart shirt, which keeps her young, and those Purple Pumps, which grow her up!!


  1. love this :)

    & i didn't know u were at school in Chicago?!

  2. Thank you!!
    Yea, i had to transfer to a school out here to get my bachelors degree